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Collègues dans le bureau moderne


Who is behind the Sentimental Enterprise ?


  • Ludovic Herman and the Usine Nouvelle magazine, which is one of their expert on management and leadership 

  • A network of independent professionals who, share the idea that it is possible to change companies for the better.

  • Managers of companies and administrations, loyal customers of Ludovic Herman, who belong to SNCF, EDF, RATP Dev, Foncia, the Ministry of Defense, Ecology, ... or former colleagues BCG, Accenture or PwC…  


What can the Sentimental Enterprisebring me?


  • An iconoclastic vision of the business world that makes sense

  • Humor and finesse ... in a raw world, as chocolate maker Lindt would say

  • Articles, videos, audio podcasts useful for your exchanges with your teams.

  • Experienced coaches and consultants to support you in the transformation of your business


Why not Human or Emotional enterprise ... rather than Sentimental?


  • Because associating Business with sentimentality goes further, a bit like a mini culture shock that generates discomfort useful for any cultural transformation

  • Because a sentimental leader is more than an emotional leader, he tries to bring together kindness and authenticity


Why does this website have an original and artisanal style?


  • To give you free access to our in-house productions: images are free of rights, original creations in the literal and figurative sense.

  • To offer you a new tone and give space to videos and podcasts in addition to written articles.


Which authors inspired us ?


They are numerous, but the most impactful are called Jean Baudrillard for his taste for decoding our societies, Douglas Kenedy for his stories of human life, Vladimir Jankelevitch for his love of lovers, Jean-Luc Plamandon for his musicals, Harmut Rosa for her reasoning vision of a successful life, Virginie Despentes for her straightforwardness .


Who should you thank?


  • Mai Truong, Sanjeev Rao and Debaprya Nag for their unwavering encouragement and support.

  • Hugo Roussel for his talents as a coach and podcast editors and also Marie Cazor, Fanny Helleu and Valerie St Beuve, Christine Petit for their proofreading of the articles.

  • Ludovic Herman's family : Annelies, his wife for her encouragement, Alain, his father for the website, Caroline, his sister for her advice, Tiffany, his daughter , accompanied by Élise Hu, for the videos and social networks, Renaud, her brother for his ideas for articles and Édouard Braine, her father-in-law, for sharing our work so widely.


What can you do to contribute to this project


  • If you are a coach, consultant, expert on one or more of our subjects, join us.

  • If you are a "leader": you work in a company, you have responsibilities, contact us so that we can help you succeed.

  • If you are a "supporter" and you like our approach, share our points of view around you.

  • In any case join us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You tube. As we say in New Zealand, "the more the merrier".




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